Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mass Distribution PR/Promotion Companies: My Personal Experience

As someone who has been involved in the music industry since 1984, I have watched many trends come and go. Too many to mention. I have also watched the demise of retail, print (for the most part), and much more components to the industry that were a given “back in the day.”

So, as an experiment, I decided to sign up for one of the top electronic or automated music submission programs. I went for it. Top level campaign that was offered by the company on behalf of one of my artists. The artist had no idea I was doing this, I did it at no cost to them, just to see what would happen. Just to compare the value of “real person” PR/Promotion compared to automated systems.

After paying my fee and completing the all of the online information, I waited. And waited. I tried to contact a real person about the status of my campaign, but got an automated reply.

I have always been very much about collaborations and businesses utilizing their strengths to get the most for the artist. Perhaps that’s my “artist nature” rearing its beautiful head!

I am sure there are countless great automated programs out there for artists. Perhaps it is a bit of trial and error- not unlike traditional PR and Promotion.

As a traditional PR and Promotion person, I have to say that the personal touch still appeals to me, and I hope it still appeals to artists from all genres. Yes, it takes some time to get the ball rolling, as everything is customized, follow up calls and emails are personalized, and let’s face it, humans work slower than computers do, but I still believe there is value in that personal touch.

Whatever route you choose, know that results take some time. Two to three months from the time your music gets submitted is very typical. Stay patient and dedicated. Change courses as you need to (another benefit of human beings- we can do that!) And best of luck with your career!

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