Sunday, July 24, 2011

GRIT PR & Promotion Celebrates Three Years of Client Advocacy!

GRIT PR & Promotion Celebrates Three Years of Client Advocacy
and One of the Most Diverse Rosters in the Business!

Formed in 2008, Laurena Marrone is the President of Grit PR & Promotion, a well-known and respected company that provides publicity, radio promotion and marketing to a diverse set of clients. As a Brooklyn, NY native, she has been highly involved in the music, arts entertainment and sports industries since 1985.

GRIT PR & Promotion is a collective team of professionals who work remotely from various locations together via video conferences, telephone and the Internet. This business model enables them to offer a wide variety of services at extremely competitive prices, everything from publicity (traditional and Internet), marketing, radio promotion to product launches, social media, and more. GRIT is active in both traditional approaches as well as the vast online culture, and understands how they both relate and enhance campaigns for musicians, athletes, performing artists and creative business visionaries.

More than anything, they consider themselves “client advocates” who make the client part of the team while leaving egos and preconceived notions about the PR and Promotion business far behind. Strength lies in their diversity, enabling them to seamlessly and successfully work with a diverse set of clients in many genres, fields, and businesses. As a highly dedicated group who can easily adapt to dozens of different dynamics or unpredictable situations, the GRIT team is are always ready to go for whatever exciting opportunity lies ahead!

One of the most unique things about working with Laurena is that she has firsthand knowledge and experience as a working artist as well as an entrepreneur. Laurena’s passion to exceed client expectations and to persevere during uncertain times in the global economy have definitely been traits that others admire and appreciate. When asked about the diversity of the company, Laurena’s reply never waivers: “Our diversity is our strength, not our weakness.” For example, her work with the Father of Krump, Tommy the Clown, has been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life. And while he may not be in the spotlight right now, this dance pioneer is set to bring his infamous Battle Zones back to Los Angeles this fall. Stay tuned!

As the only Rapper ever Emmy-nominated For A Hit TV Drama Series, you’d think T.O.N.E-z would take some time to relish in the glory of it all. Well, not possible for one of the hardest working artists in Hip Hop. Since the Emmy nom for the theme song for the hit FX series, Justified, which has been penned for its third season, T.O.N.E-z has recorded three CD’s and is ready to release a single destined for greatness. The newest track, “EZ Come EZ GO” features T.O.N.E-z’s trademark flow and lyrically mastery but also rocks the listener with the sounds of the incomparable voice and guitar of Queen’s Freddie Mercury and Brian May, respectively. Music lovers across the board will savor in the sounds of one of the greatest Rock bands of all times paired with one of today’s best Rappers, while younger fans will be blown away by the combinations of the two. “EZ Come, EZ GO” is set to hit the streets by August so keep your ears to the ground and your eyes right here for more details…

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