Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Grit PR's take on "The Power of Print"

Bucking the fears and doubts of the Internet age, magazine interest is on the rise. From within the immersion of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, young adults are seeking a complementary print experience. Over the past 12 years, as Google has become a daily staple, magazine readership has actually risen by 11%. A recent nationwide ad campaign, “The Power of Print,” celebrates the new understanding of magazine and Internet culture based in cooperation, not competition. Paired with luscious superstar prints, these advertisements reflect statistics showing that readership is on the rise, with those between the ages of 18 and 34 reading more magazine issues than their counterparts, and lingering on them longer. The Internet, it appears, doesn’t have to fade to passé to revitalize print culture. Internet searches yield online magazine subscriptions. In turn, readers respond to magazine advertisements more positively than those from the Internet or TV, prompting Internet searches. This symbiosis shows what Grit has known all along: that traditional PR is still valid, while Internet presence is increasingly crucial. As vinyl returns in the face of digital music, magazines provide a tangible experience that thrives alongside the Internet.

One exciting indication of this trend one is Blurt Magazine, hailed by Folio as “one of the 15 most Notable New Magazine Launches of 2009.” While providing a vibrant and popular site, Blurt is returning to print this year with a new look. “We strongly believe that print is still an irreplaceable format that we care about deeply,” says publisher Stephen Judge. “But we are also equally passionate about recent and upcoming advancements in the digital age of the publishing. The Kindle and iPad make us very excited about the future.”

- Kara Sowles, Grit PR & Consulting

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