Tuesday, July 6, 2010

KXBG Radio chosen as a Live365 Editor’s Pick!

KXBG Radio, an all original artist country, gospel, rock, and pop indie station, has really taken off! The station was recently honored as an Editor’s Pick on Live365, an internet radio network whose stations number over 6,000. KXBG plays a wide variety of music with a focus on helping independent artists from around the globe. In the five short months since its founding in January 2010, KXBG has rocketed up in ranking, from a starting ranking of 3,900th to being ranked 847th on the network!

Ralph Watley, the DJ behind KXBG, answers a few questions on the station’s purpose and how artists can benefit from it:

What made you decide to create such a diverse station? I created KXBG because as a songwriter myself I know how hard it is to find a place for Independent Music to be heard.

What should listeners expect to find on KXBG? KXBG listeners will find shows that fit their musical taste: we play Country, Rock, Inspirational, Men’s and Women’s Music in designated Shows each day.

Why do you think people are drawn to independent stations like KXBG over better-known am/fm options? This makes it easier for our listeners to hear their favorite Music and remain diverse too. People want to support their favorite Artists that may still be unknown to the music industry. I try to assist each Artist in any way possible.

Are there ways for artists to reinforce their airplay, such as banner ads or other advertising options associated KXBG? We are currently considering several options that will allow an Artist a way to advertise on our Web site. Of course we never charge any Artist for airplay and the option to sell their music thru Itunes and Amazon.com. Being on KXBG is winning option in everyway for our Artists.

Is there a genre of music you won’t play? We won’t play music that contains blatant offensive language. We try our very best to be an enjoyable and fun place to stop by while surfing the net whether at home, work or on your Iphone or Blackberry device.

How should artists go about submitting their songs?
Artists can submit their music on mp3 by emailing kxbgbirthofradio@gmail.com
Or by mailing their CD’s to
KXBG Radio
Attn. Ralph Watley
2203 Cyclone Street
Bryant, Arkansas 72022

KXBG thanks all its loyal listeners and artists for this recognition from the Live 365 network!

You can give KXBG a listen here!

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