Saturday, July 31, 2010

Why I Love Gangstagrass

Why I love Gangstagrass

As someone in the music business, I rarely get to express myself as a “fan.” I truly love all of my clients, and I am very grateful that they share their careers with me. They place their faith and trust in me and my small but dedicated little company and I do not take this for granted.

But, I can’t deny the fact that not only am I honored to work with Gangstagrass, I am a huge fan. It feels good to be a fan. I listen to their disc several times a day, know all the words, and it never gets old. Every time I listen, I get chills.

I have never been a fan of bluegrass, or of rap, for that matter, but this combination has renewed my absolute love and passion for music. As someone who was the first artist to fuse traditional Korean music with Flamenco, Gangstagrass holds a special place in my heart for taking such polar opposites and bringing them together in a way that is undeniably…. addictive. Brilliant. Groundbreaking.

I believe that they are truly deserving of the Emmy Nomination, and the win; as well as their place in the top 25 discs sold on CD Baby. There are many great CDs out there right now, and I listen to music all day (usually my clients) with enthusiasm and sincere admiration. But awe? Not too often.

Gangstagrass has shattered my belief that nothing truly “new” could be created musically. And perhaps many think that what they have created is not new. But to me, they have renewed my deep-seeded love for music, taught me to respect new musical genres, and above all, made me happy and excited to wake up every day at an ungodly hour to start my work, which I love, and listen to Lightning on the Strings, Thunder on the Mic.
Rench, T.O.N.E-Z, Tomasia and the other amazing musicians on this disc have created something that I believe will transcend the Emmys, the chart topping placements, the press, the radio and the bandwagon syndrome. Once you hop on, you’re not getting off.
Well, at least I’m not.
Thank you Gangtsagrass.

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BTW, my husband loves them, too. ;)