Thursday, July 22, 2010

Interview with Scorpion Boxing Equipment CEO!


I had the pleasure of being introduced to Scoprion Boxing Equipment recently. As their presence grows throughout the world, their commitment to quality and passion for the support is genuine and refreshing. Thank you to Hassan Ahmed from Scorpion for being incredibly kind and responsive.

1. When did you start to make MMA and Boxing Equipment and Why?
In MMA and Boxing Equipment, one of the main things we focus on is leather hide. Our Grandfather was making leather in South Africa since 1925. My father was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1935. He started this business in 1975. There was a good market in Italy, Spain and England, and in little time, we provided leather in Germany too. In the year 2000 we studied the Boxing Equipment market. This is my favorite game and also a rising sport. We started manufacturing in 2007 with the best of experience. My dream is to become a manufacturer to give people good quality and show off my vast experience and techniques.
2. Where are you located, and what are your top markets right now?
Our main office is in Germany and our production unit is in Pakistan as we committed to gave our customer good quality. We have Production Units in India and China to make good leather. As I already told you, leather is main thing for Boxing. We tested the waters in India and China water, but the result was not to our specification. A friend of my father suggested we try Pakistan Sialkot .I had heard a lot of things about this. The result is MMA flew. And now our main market is U.S.A, Europe, and Russia.
3. What sets your products apart from others available on the market?
We believe in quality-- A better Production Unit, advice from professional fighters on what they need and want, experience in leather and boxing equipment. We want to be the best in the world, not just U.S.A, Europe and Russia.
4. Do you plan to sponsor fighters and gyms to promote the Scorpion name?
Yes. Why not? This is great opportunity for the company to promote both fighter and gym. But we also say that it depends upon their quality and experience. If people like your products you will be successful.
5. We have been in contact for a short time now, what is your opinion of women in the sports of MMA and Boxing and do you think this is a growing market?
There is no difference between women and men. They are both equal in hard work, planning, faith, etc., so if men can fight in the ring, why shouldn’t woman do this? According to our experience in U.S.A, boxing is a good and growing market. U.S.A has had great boxers like Muhmmad Ali, Mike Tyson, Kelly Pavlik, and lots more, so why it is not a growing market?
6. What are your top selling products?
We sell lot of equipment. You can see our upcoming website or catalog. There are two categories-- American style and European style. In American style we have SP-4022, 4024, 4027, 4028, 4029. This is part of our regular base production design for American market.
7. Do you also have promotional merchandise like t-shirts, etc?
8. How can gyms interested in Scorpion contact you? Can they contact you directly or are some distributors on board in the US?
Well, those who see our products or check our quality can contact us directly. Credit also goes to the distributors who work hard and also give us oppertunities. They show gym owners our products! Even last week the customer said "this is really a leather glove! I’ve never see that kind of leather in my thirteen year experience!"
9. Anything else you would like to say?
Yes! I would like to thank Mrs. Laurena M Campos for giving us an us a opportunity to describe the market, our experience, and our products. We also thank the entire team of Grit for their work hard! God Bless them!
To learn more about Scorpion Boxing please contact: Hassan Ahmed

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