Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grit PR Expands Into the Athletic Arena

August 4, 2010 -- Amateur and professional athletes looking for a publicist have a new option: independent PR firm Grit PR & Consulting LLC. Already an accomplished firm with clients like the Emmy-nominated musicians Gangstagrass, Grit PR is officially opening its doors to athletes, with a particular focus on boxers. The firm provides their clients with publicity, marketing, radio promotion, tour press, product launches, social networking and more.
"Our client base is so diverse that this is a natural expansion," said Laurena Marrone Campos, the firm's president. Representing music groups, fashion designers, and even clowns, Grit PR has already established a colorful clientele. Selecting athletics generally and boxers specifically was a natural next step for the firm. A boxer herself, Ms. Campos's love of the sport drove her to represent athletes hoping to establish a name for themselves in both the professional and amateur worlds. "I love the sport," Ms. Campos said, "I love the complexity, the challenge and the camaraderie."
This will undoubtedly be a boon for athletes as there are currently very few economical publicists in sports. Sports franchises Alive MMA and Jana Simms Boxing have already signed up, and more are expected soon. Interested candidates can contact Grit PR at, or call (503)887-2644. The firm is currently reviewing candidates for an introductory 3 month complimentary media and marketing campaign.

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